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Concise Explained

19 Aug 2018 Customers, Product

This is the new world.  An age where technology is helping to support consumer demand for better, faster, and more efficient services and communication. Companies are adapting by investing in innovation and process improvement. In an environment where staying more competitive than your peers equals survival, this also means streamlining and cutting costs wherever possible.

In response to rising logistics costs companies are now changing tactics by utilizing less national carrier services and more regional carriers, which are traditionally much less expensive.  While this solves some problems related to costs and supply chain, it creates new ones too.

Enter Concise.  Concise solves the problems high volume shippers have from utilizing multiple regional carriers across the U.S. In an industry first, Concise connects with each carrier to create a unified source of truth for the logistics arm of supply chain, providing shippers and even their customers with a centralized system for asset management.

Our architecture becomes your logistics operating system.  One source, one truth.  How does it work? Our extensive, nation-wide integration with 100’s of delivery companies means that we can rapidly deploy a “data in data out” strategy for the greatest level of asset control.

We control, standardize, and centralize the data.  And because the buck starts and stops with us we can enforce all the residual pay rules, performance measurements, and even automate the invoicing process.

So whether you’re thinking of rolling out a regional delivery model or you’ve got one in place today, centralized and uniform visibility is going to be key in staying at the head of the curve.  Centralized tracking dashboards internally and for your customers, automatic notifications and ETA’s, automated invoice auditing, and both direct and indirect cost cutting measures. Contact us today to begin leveraging the power of Concise.

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