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Transitioning to Local & Regional Carriers

19 Aug 2018 Customers, Product

Large volume shippers have more options than ever. Technology and and performance of local and regional carriers has caught up, and in many cases surpassed, that of national carriers.  Not to mention they are (on average) 20-30% less expensive than FedEx or UPS.

So why are logistics managers still hesitant to make the switch?

More than anything, it’s familiarity.  But is familiarity really worth such a premium when better, more efficient options exist?

The Ease & Familiarity of National Carriers

FedEx and UPS have never been the cheapest, but they’ve always been the unquestioned leaders in shipping.  They’ve made life relatively straightforward for logistics managers, integrating right into their workflows.

Let’s say you’re a logistics manager shipping 1000 packages per day with FedEx.

You’re able to easily print and apply uniform labels to your packages.  Your team handles the sorting and stacks them up for delivery. The FedEx driver comes and picks everything up, has you sign a couple forms, and they’re off.  You’ve got a single web interface that stores and tracks all of your shipments, including metrics, shipping rates, and invoices. Everything is streamlined & bundled neatly together.

Your customers like it too.  They know how to track their packages, and they trust them as an established carrier that will get the job done.  And if there’s ever an issue, they can call customer service and get it handled.

So why give this all up?

Local and regional carriers have always had the potential for huge savings, but the hassle and difficulty of syncing them all together never made it seem like a feasible option. Until now.  With a truly integrated platform built specifically to streamline local carriers, your company can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and become more efficient.

Concise Helps you Harness the Power of Regional carriers

We’ve created a streamlined platform that addresses all the issues that have stopped large-volume shippers from using local and regional carriers more extensively.

Universal Tracking:  No more crossing your fingers, hoping your carrier has a website or the latest tracking software.  Concise provides a user-friendly interface to follow shipments from warehouse to customer. With a uniform set of success/failure standards, you’ll be able to track performance and optimize across the entire supply chain.

Standardized Performance:  Every carrier in our network is vetted for quality and must adhere to our delivery standards.  There’s no guessing whether or not a carrier will perform, or if their operations will sync up.  Concise holds every shipping partner accountable so you don’t have to.

Rates:  Concise absorbs each individual carrier rate — just like FedEx or UPS, you only have to worry about one standard rate for all your local and regional carriers.  You simply login to your platform, print your labels, and set your packages for pickup. Nothing changes there.

Customer Service:  Customers can opt-in to email notifications to stay updated with the status of their package.  They also have the ability to rate deliveries through their own personal dashboard. Our tracking is much more user-friendly than the outdated tracking offered by Fedex or UPS.  And unlike the national carriers, we can be much more flexible with delivery times and dates.

Invoicing:  Invoice mistakes are the bain of any logistics manager.  No more. We help you avoid billing mistakes by pre-verifying every invoice, making sure each item matches our vendor rates.  No more manual auditing or worrying about being overcharged.

Concise is Leading the Logistics Renaissance

If you’ve been tempted to make the switch but weren’t sure if the risk was worth the reward, now you know.  We’ve eliminated the risk. Now it’s all about the savings you can (and will) get by shifting to local and regional carriers. Whether you want a full overhaul, or you simply want to integrate on top of your existing system, we can create a flexible solution for your business.  

Times are changing, and Concise is leading the way.  There’s a new way to manage your shipping. Contact our team to see how Concise can help your business harness the power of local carriers.

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